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About Massage Therapy

Massage is a proactive approach for wellness by nurturing your body, and it is one of the best known antidotes for stress.  A full-body Swedish Massage stimulates circulation and can provide a deep state of relaxation.  It can improve skin and muscle tone, ease headaches, and relax sore or tight muscles and restricted joints.  Specifically, it can relieve tendonitis  and other injuries which develop over time, in addition to low back pain, muscle strains and tendon sprains. 

By increasing circulation, massage can reduce inflammation and provide movement facilitating cell repair.  It may reduce scar tissue surrounding old wounds and limit the formation of scars in new injuries.

An effective massage should make you feel rejuvenated with more energy and a healthier outlook, though you may feel tired and sleepy after just leaving the table.

Drinking plenty of water after any massage is essential to flush out bodily toxins which may have been moved during the massage.  Having not drunk enough water, muscular pain and/or flu-like symptoms would not be uncommon upon waking the next morning.

A Massage For Fitness...Therapeutic massage fit for you!

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